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Cam Cornelius
3 time Emmy & Voice Arts Award nominated, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Dollywood, The Food Network, Zappos, Lowe's, The CW Network and more
Ian Russell
Coca-Cola, Samsung, Intel, UPS, Mastercard, Nestle, Heineken, Club Med, Pedigree, Philips, The United Nations and more
J. Michael Collins
Jack Daniels, Chevrolet, MTV, The NFL, Samsung, ABC, ESPN, Facebook, TNT, Nike, Ben & Jerry's, The New York Jets, MasterCard, The US Army, ABSOLUT Vodka and more
Andy Field
Five Nights at Freddy's video games, Virgin Mobile, Homewood Suites, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, The United States Navy and more
Dave Courvoisier
Emmy award winner, mcDonalds, Pepsi, FTD, Greyhound, JetBlue, Microsoft, Audible, Pandora, Mayo Clinic and more
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Traditional male announcers, conversational millennials and voice-of-God movie trailer voices. VOPlanet has them all. From commercials, eLearning and audiobooks to video games and corporate narrations, we've made it easy to connect directly with a professional male voice over talent. Need your voice over in more than one language? No problem! It's free to find and hire voice talent in any language, including the top male British and Spanish voice actors in the industry.

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We are the only US-based, professionals only, work direct voice over casting site. We carefully vet our voice talent. Save time and money by working with experienced, professional male voice talent who get it right the first time.

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Cast and hire smarter. At VOPlanet, it's a thing. With no casting or booking fees, you get more buying power and better voice over talent. Better voice talent, happier clients. That's why we're all about free casting.

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