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Willow Jensen
Spunk & Smart Millennial to Genuine and polished professional
Kabir Singh
The voice of millennials. Cool, urban, college poetic sound
Maria Pendolino
A conversational millennial female voice that is youthful, real, friendly & sassy
Joe Passaro
A millennial voice with education, know-how and pizzazz
Beth Martin
Bright, contemporary, beguiling, maternal, hip
Elizabeth Jobling
Full time, millennial female voice artist. Clear, cool, confiend and warm.
Tim Paige
Upbeat millennial charm. No fear of commitment. With a youthful, honest voice.
Michelle Falzon
Fun, upbeat millennial to sophisticated professional
Dustin Parkhurst
Fun, Energy, Fast
Weston Heflin
The go-to conversational voice for clients worldwide
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Conversational Voice Overs

A conversational voice over is a voice over with a delivery style that is casual and relatable and sounds like a how a real person speaks. If you are casting a conversational voice over that needs to sound like a real person, you might consider hiring a millennial voice actor.

Millennials are generally considered people between 18 and 40 years old and there are approximately 92 million in the United States alone. Millennials consider their friends to be a valuable source of information when buying products and services, so smart marketing to this generation should include authentic millennial voice over talent. If you’re looking for a conversational read, we’ve got you covered.

Professional Millennial Voice Overs

VOPlanet has millennial voice talent for everything from casual reads for commercials, eLearning and corporate narrations to cutting edge voices for political voice overs and video games. At VOPlanet, we’re all about free casting and there’s no corporate middleman to slow you down or charge extra fees. It's always free to cast Union and non-Union voice actors in multiple languages and dialects, including Spanish and British. And you can collaborate one-on-one with our millennial voice talent - any time you like. So, grab your phone, put on your hipster glasses and work with true professional millennial voice actors who get it right the first time.

We are proud to help make our planet a better place. For every voice over job posted on our site, VOPlanet donates a tree to help restore our national forests.

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