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Need a voice over for your radio or television ad? We've got your covered with our free voice casting and professional commercial voice over talent. Find fresh voices you can't get anywhere else. Fast turn available. No credit card required.

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Fill out a quick form and your voice over job is instantly sent to our vetted, professional voice actors. Posting a commercial voice over job is always completely free. You can start receiving auditions right away.

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Voice over auditions are submitted to your personal dashboard. We only have vetted professional voice talent - no beginners here - so you'll only get quality voice overs. You can easily manage and shortlist favorites from any device.

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Choose the voice you like and send a message to connect directly with the voice actor. Get your voice over and pay direct. No hidden fees, no middleman hassle. Just a direct connection to the perfect voice for your project.

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VOPlanet's Featured Commercial Voice Over Actors

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Christine Cullingworth
Smooth. Warm. Smart. Very easy to listen to.
Cam Cornelius
3 time Emmy Award & Voice Arts Award nominated voice over chameleon
Bobbi Maxwell
Naturally warm, friendly and believable
J.D. Kaye
Friendly, Honest, Genuine. Your friend, neighbor or co-worker
Janet Ault
From elegant to edgy, sophisticated to sassy, chic to comedic
Jodi Krangle
Smooth, warm & real performances with tight turn arounds
Josh Mead
The NEW guy next door
Leslie Ligon
Experienced with a smooth, mid-to-low range vocal delivery
Lori Katz
From chipper younger adult to mature woman
Matthew Curtis
The very useful, versatile guy next door
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Simple, Fast Professional Commercial Voice Overs

Our voice actors are voice over session masters in every genre of TV, radio and Internet advertising. We've made it fast and simple to work directly with experienced, professional commercial voice over talent. Need that voice over in more than one language? No worries! VOPlanet casts to multiple languages and accents, including Spanish and British voice talent.

Why lose time waiting for a middleman to contact a voice talent for you? Email, message or call talent directly and collaborate one-on-one with any of our professional voice talent - anytime you like. We know that working direct is the best way to beat deadlines in the fast-paced world of commercial advertising.

Work With True Commercial Voice Overs Experts

Experience matters. VOPlanet vets our voice talent, choosing only experienced TV, radio and Internet advertising masters for our voice over team. Save time and money by working with true professionals who get it right the first time. Our all-pro voice actors are commercial voice over experts, delivering the perfect read to help your brand shine.

Get more bang for your buck. At VOPlanet, it's a thing. With no casting or hiring fees, you get more buying power and better voice over talent. Better voice talent, better commercials, happier clients. That's why we're all about free casting.

Post your voice over job for free and get auditions fast. No credit card required.

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