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Professional IVR Voice Overs

Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, is the automated, interactive voice system that directs calls to different departments. An IVR voice talent is the professional voice actor who records the interactive prompts. A professional IVR voice talent can give your company instant credibility.

A professional on hold voice over message will help keep your callers on the line and provide clear and valuable information about your business while they wait. Using a professional voice talent gives you the opportunity to create a complete branded experience for your customers. We have IVR voice talent experienced in caller prompts and exit, transfer and system prompts. Let VOPlanet’s professional voices record your personal and departmental voicemail greetings or even a holiday and special event greeting.


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Post your IVR or on hold messaging job for free and work direct with experienced professional on hold voice talent. We have voices available in multiple languages and accents, including British and bilingual Spanish voice over talent.



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More About IVR and On-Hold Voice Overs

What Is an IVR Voice Over?

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone voice over refers to the recorded prompts and messages that guide callers through an automated phone system. These voice overs are used in various systems, including customer service lines, helplines, and corporate phone systems. IVR voice overs provide instructions, menu options, and other information to callers, allowing them to navigate the phone system and reach their desired destination. The voice used for IVR phone voice overs can vary depending on the organization's branding and preferences, but it is typically clear, professional, and easily understandable.

What Is an On-Hold Voice Over?

An on-hold voice over refers to the recorded messages or announcements that play when a caller is placed on hold during a phone call. These voice overs serve to inform and entertain callers while they wait for assistance or to be connected to the appropriate department. On-hold voice overs can include a variety of content, such as promotional messages, company information, or updates on wait times. On-hold voice overs generally maintain a professional, clear, and engaging approach.

Should I Use a Male or Female Voice Talent for IVR or On-Hold?

IVR and on-hold voiceovers can be either male or female, and the choice often depends on the organization's preferences, target audience, and branding strategy. Some companies may opt for a male voice for a perceived sense of authority or professionalism, while others may prefer a female voice for a more soothing or welcoming tone. Ultimately, the decision on whether to use a male or female voice is subjective and can vary based on the specific needs and goals of the organization.

Human Voices vs AI-Generated Voices for IVR and On Hold

Research and anecdotal evidence suggest that people generally respond better to human voices on IVR systems. Human voices convey authenticity and sincerity, which can foster trust and confidence in the information being provided. Human voices tend to be clearer and more natural-sounding than AI voices, making it easier for callers to understand and follow instructions. This can reduce frustration and confusion, leading to smoother interactions and quicker resolutions. A human voice can embody the values, personality, and branding of an organization more effectively than an AI voice. By using a real person to represent the brand, businesses can reinforce their identity and differentiate themselves from competitors. Overall, using a human voice on IVR systems can lead to better responses and improved customer satisfaction.

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VOPlanet offers a wide variety of experienced, vetted professional IVR and on-hold voice over talent. We also offer Spanish and bilingual voice over talent. Ready to cast the perfect voice for your brand? Post your job for free and get auditions from professional voice talent.

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