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Tim Bick
A distinctive British voice - British & European, Transatlantic, United Kingdom
Linda Joy
Confident, warm, upbeat - British & European, Transatlantic, United Kingdom
Peter Bishop
British & European, United Kingdom, RP (BBC), London Regional Accents - President of World-Voices Organization
Juliette Gray
British & European, Transatlantic
Jamie Muffett
British, Northern UK
Peter Baker
Senior, Experienced British - British & European
Shelley Avellino
British & European, United Kingdom, Transatlantic, Neutral Britsh English, Welsh, Scottish, Midlands & RP
Ian Russell
British & European, Transatlantic, United Kingdom, Regional Accents including London, Liverpool, Lancashire, Yorkshire
Lillian Rachel
British & European, Transatlantic, United Kingdom, RP, London, Essex, General British, Midatlantic
Mark Ryes
Award winning British voice actor, RP - British & European, United Kingdom, West Country, West Midlands
Daniel Pegg
Neutral, RP, Midlands
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Professional British Voice Over Talent

A professional British voice over can give your project a posh, luxurious feel. Our free, simple casting system can help you find and hire a professional British voice actor for commercials, eLearning courses, corporate narration, video games and more. From luxury reads to animated characters, our British voice actors are established professionals with broadcast quality studios. 


Authentic UK Accents and Native British Voices

Quality and authenticity matter. Our voice over talent are experienced, native British speakers. If you’re looking for a specific dialect, VOPlanet has vetted UK voice talent for every British dialect, including London, Liverpool and Received Pronunciation (RP).

It’s fast and simple to find and connect with experienced, authentic British voice talent. It’s always completely free to post Union and non-Union voice over jobs and contact talent. And you work directly with the voice actor you choose - no middleman hassle and no credit card required. So, pour a cuppa and find the perfect British voice over for your project.




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Transatlantic Voice Overs

Approximately 1.5 billion people in the world speak English. However, only a small portion of those are native English speakers. As businesses and brands stretch across continents, there’s a growing need for a neutral and easily understood voice over accent for commercials, eLearning and corporate narrations. The demand for a neutral international sound has popularized a voice over accent that is not quite American, British or European. Transatlantic voice overs, also known as Mid-Atlantic English, International English or Neutral English, are in high demand. 

Transatlantic or Neutral English is perfect for global companies as it is universally easy to understand, even by non-native English speakers. Working with a professional Transatlantic voice actor can give your business a global, polished sound.

So, how does a Transatlantic or Neutral English accent sound? J. Michael Collins shares an explanation and a Transatlantic accent example.

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