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Fill out a quick form and your eLearning voice over job is instantly sent to our vetted, professional voice actors. Posting an eLearning job is always completely free. You can start receiving voice over auditions right away.

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Voice over auditions are submitted to your personal dashboard. Our eLearning voice talent are all vetted professionals - no beginners here - so you'll only get quality, experienced voices. You can easily manage and shortlist favorites from any device.

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VOPlanet's Featured eLearning Voice Actors

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Jackie Bales
Medical, Business training
Maria Pendolino
Conversational, Targeting Millennials, Voice Arts Award winner eLearning
Mike McGonegal
Medical, Technical, Financial, Educational Software
Katie DeGabriel
Conversational to Corporate
Joe Lewis
Tutorials, Industrial, Technical, Educational, Bilingual
Liz De Nesnera
Medical, technical, pharmaceutical, sales training, bilingual
Jack de Golia
Corporate education and training, government training
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Why Choose VOPlanet for eLearning Voice Overs

We are the only US-based, professionals only, work direct voice casting site. It's completely free to post an eLearning voice over job and there are no fees for contacting or hiring voice talent - ever. Our voice actors can deliver your eLearning voice over files raw or fully edited and split in the audio format you need. Need 7,000 individual voice files, properly labeled? No problem! Our experienced eLearning voice talent can handle projects of every size. From small jobs to complicated technical reads, VOPlanet's voice talent will give your project a professional edge.

Experience Matters

Can you say Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia? Our voice talent can. We have eLearning voice over talent that specialize in technical, industrial and medical narration. Our experts can effortlessly voice everything from basic tutorials to the most difficult scripts.

Work Direct

We understand how important it is to communicate directly with voice talent. You can message talent direct through our messaging system or find their contact information on their audition. We never slow down your project by getting in between you and your voice overs.

Absolutely No Fees

It's completely free to post jobs, listen to auditions and contact talent. No fees means more buying power for better quality voices. At VOPlanet, we feel you should work with a voice actor, not a website.

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