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Bryan Kopta
Conversational, friendly, warm, professional, smooth and elegant
Doug Schuetz
Chicago guy, speaks sarcastic, funny, theatre actor, storyteller
Karen DeBoer
The voice that turns heads. 25-year VO veteran. Versatile and timeless
Lee Kanne
experienced actor and voice artist
Jackie Bales
experienced pro - friendly, smart, warm and witty
Jack de Golia
The voice of character: experienced & fresh, creative approach
Mike Cooper
The guy next door. Only better. And British
Mindy Baer
Clients from NBC's Today Show to PBS documentaries, The Home Shopping Network and more
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Documentary Voice Over

A professional voice actor is one of the most important parts of a documentary. Casting the right voice to narrate the story is crucial to maintaining audience engagement. Documentary voice overs can range from authoritative and confident to compelling and emotional.


Documentary Voice Over Talent

VOPlanet can help you easily find a compelling documentary voice to tell your story. We’ve made it easy to find and hire professional documentary voice talent in multiple languages and dialects, including Spanish. If you need to resonate with millennials, try a conversational or millennial voice to lend a relatable feel to your documentary. Need a pleasant, polished voice with a global feel? Try a British voice actor. All of VOPlanet’s voice talent are experienced, documentary voice over experts.


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It’s completely free to post documentary voice over jobs, listen to auditions and contact voice talent. No fees means more buying power for better quality voices and documentaries. At VOPlanet, you work directly with voice over talent, which means you can collaborate one-on-one with any of our professional voice talent for free – anytime you like.

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