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Voice over auditions are submitted to your personal dashboard. Our audiobook narrators are all vetted professionals - no beginners here - so you'll only get quality voices. You can easily manage and shortlist your favorite narrator from any device.

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Professional Audiobook Narrators

An audiobook narrator is the voice talent who reads an audiobook. Hiring a professional voice actor to narrate your book can greatly improve the quality of your audiobook and help increase sales.

Audio is one of the fastest growing segments of the book industry and audiobooks are easier than ever to download and listen to on the go. Casting and hiring a voice actor to record your book as an audiobook is fast and simple. You can hire a single audiobook narrator, known as solo narration. Or you can hire a full cast of narrators to voice different characters.

VOPlanet’s audiobook narrators are all vetted professionals with years of experience narrating every genre of audiobook. We have professional male and female voice actors with extensive experience narrating fiction and non-fiction audiobooks.


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At VOPlanet, we’re all about free voice casting. And there’s no corporate middleman to slow you down or charge extra fees. It’s always completely free to post an audiobook job and listen to auditions. And you can collaborate one-on-one with any of our professional audiobook narrators – any time you like.

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