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Rex Anderson
A naturally conversational guy next door with versatility on tap
Kyrsten Weber
Modern Mom - Warm, Friendly, Sometimes Sophisticated, Always down-to-earth
Keyondra Shanae
Versatile, Professional, The key to all your voice over needs
Don Snyder
In a world, where there can be only one voice... it has to be mine!!
Joell Ann Jacob
I sound real, like a warm, nuturing mom, or a trustworthy, confident, wry co-worker
David Toback
Friendly, fun, cool, smart & approachable
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North American English Voice Overs

VOPlanet is a trusted network of North American professional voice over talent. VOPlanet can connect you with professional American and Canadian voice talent with authentic North American accents. We specialize in English speaking voice over talent with the standard general American accent. Most of our voice over talent accept PayPal and TransferWise for easy payment.


Standard English Voice Talent For Every Project

You can easily find and hire male or female voice actors for teaching English, character dubbing, or localize your video game for an English audience. Are you ready to take your brand global? Get a professional North American corporate voice over to help your business reach the North American market. We also have voice talent how specialize in fast turn explainers, IVR phone prompts and eLearning courses.

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