Pro Tips for Casting Voice-over Part 3

Submitted by voplanet on Tue, 09/25/2018 - 09:50

We continue our dive into voiceover websites and tips for casting vo. This time, let’s look at “freelancer sites” Can you really book a voice-over for five bucks? Should you? Read on my friend…

Freelancer sites. By this, we mean websites where independent workers from many fields can be hired. There are quite a few. One of the most polarizing freelancer sites is FiveRR. Maybe you have seen the ads: a pic of someone wearing headphones with the caption “I will do your voice over for $5.00!!” Wow. Five bucks? Really? There are a few voice folks that do a lot of small jobs on these sites and love them. However, those ads infuriate a lot of voiceover actors. They feel five bucks for a voice over is robbery. Every time the FiveRR people run an ad we see rants from voice over people all over social media. First, what does five bucks get you? Not much. If you read the fine print you will find that five bucks gets you maybe a few seconds of voiceover. Even so, five bucks for five seconds of vo is dirt cheap. Well below market value. Should you hire through a low-budget site? The question is a moral and an artistic one. From a voice actor’s standpoint, it is complicated. Voice actors that work on this site are generally looked down on by the vo community. The ads stating five dollars for vo makes voice people angry and those that work there are given a hard time about it, with good reason. Rates are in decline for voiceover due to these kids of sites. Add in the bidding wars at most P2P sites and you again have a race to the lowest possible fee for vo work. There are not many successful voice actors willing to put their name, voice and reputation on a site like FiveRR. Being associated with budget sites screams “I am cheap labor” and the best voice people do not want to be associated with low-budget work. Most top talents will tell you the goal is to work less and make more. In the end, freelancer sites are fine if you are doing low-budget work or student projects and just need a basic, cheap voice over.

In our next article we will take a look at booking voice over through an agency website. Working with an agent is much different than hiring direct. Get tips and thoughts on voice over agency sites next time on the official VOP Blog.



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