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William Van Tassel


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Explainer - J-Tec Material Handling
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Med School Promo - NGMC Braselton
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e-Learning - FIPP/Infant & Toddler Development
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IVR - SCAN Health Plan
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Bio and Credits

English (North American)
Accents and Dialects
North American Neutral, Canadian, Mid Atlantic, Southern
Voice Age
Young Adult
Middle Aged
VO experience:
As a full-time working professional, I have completed numerous projects, including commercials, narration, eLearning, explainers, and telephony. Through online casting sites, and through my own efforts, I continue to enjoy the privilege of working with companies around the world. I love what I do, and plan to continue doing it for a very long time.

Business experience:
I also bring to the table over two decades of real-world experience in management, sales and financial planning. Over the years, I've communicated with the public, trained employees, persuaded customers to make buying decisions, consulted clients on matters of finance and investing, and more. So, you know I can deliver your message with confidence, intelligence, authority and clarity.

With both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Business Administration degree, I don't just speak the language of business and finance...I understand it, too!

New frontiers:
In collaboration with Wealth Advisor Video (WAV), a Los Angeles-based video production company, I help provide high-quality audio and video to companies in the financial planning, investment securities, mutual fund and hedge fund sectors. My bio and video sample can be found on their website, under talent name: William.

Abbvie, Amica, Amazon, Atlas-Concorde, BMO Insurance/Bank of Montreal, Dallas Citizens Council, FIPP.org, Greater Moncton Romeo LeBlanc Int'l Airport, Home Depot, Ken Garff Automotive, MetroPlan Orlando, Northeast Georgia Health System, Saba University School of Medicine, Samford University, SCAN Health Plan, The Remi Group, Triad Imagery, Tyson Foods and many more!
Special Skills
IVR, Voicemail, Phone Systems or On-Hold Message
Training, Business Presentations, Sales and Web Sites
Got a project you'd like me to voice? Let's Connect! Send me an invitation to audition for your next project, or hire me directly.

Website: www.vtvostudio.com
Email: william@vtvostudio.com
Phone: +1 678.534.8500
Skype: live:vtvostudio

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The “right voice” adds a lot of value to your business. It can breathe life into your words. Add a sense of authority and authenticity to your message. Enhance the quality of your projects. Boost your company's image and bottom line. And solidify the way in which your company is perceived within the industry.

As a professional voice actor, my mission is simple: to bring value to your business by delivering believable, relatable messages that inspire, inform and motivate. Whether it's a commercial, business narration, eLearning course, explainer video, phone message or other project, my commitment to providing high-quality audio, fast turnaround and a friendly, hassle-free experience never wavers.

To me, every project matters. Regardless the size of the script, or the size of the company, every client deserves -- and receives -- my full attention. When you hire me, I don't rest until you get the results you're looking for. As I often tell my clients:

"You are my top priority until you are 100% happy with the results of my work."

And I mean it. That's why companies like Abbvie, Amazon, Amica Mutual, Dallas Citizens Council, Jackson-Spalding, MetroPlan Orlando, Northeast Georgia Health System, Samford University, SCAN Health Plan, The Remi Group, Tyson Foods and others look to me as the "right voice" for their projects.

I'm looking to partner with client-centric companies who appreciate the value and commitment of a truly professional talent. I have the training and experience to deliver a variety of voice over projects, and would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you on your next assignment.

Please take a moment to check out my demos, or visit my website for more information and samples of my work. If you agree that my qualifications make me the "right voice" for your project...let's connect!

Looking forward to working with you!


Best suited for:
Radio and TV commercials, corporate and industrial narration, medical narration, e-learning, explainers and whiteboard videos, Internet videos, telephony, IVR and phone messaging.

Also available for:
ADR, automated dialog replacement, animation, Android or IOS, appeal video, audioguide, business video, bumper, case study, characters, commercial, corporate video, crowdfunding video, crowdsourcing video, concept video, corporate, corporate investor video, customer facing video, direct response ad (DR), documentary, education, educational script, educational video, elearning course, e-learning module, event video, explainer video, film, government, how-to video, industrial, infographic, infographic video, in-show narration, internal video, internet video, inspirational, interactive voice response, intro video, investor video, IVR, Kickstarter video, launch video, marketing video, medical procedure, mobile app, museum guide, museum narration, online learning, online video, on-hold messaging, orientation video, POS, presentation, presentation video, product explainer, proof of concept video, radio, radio commercial, radio spot, recruitment video, sales video, scientific explainer, scientific video, sponsor video, study, tag, telephone, telephony, TV, television, television commercial, television spot, teaser video, tourism guide, tourism promo, tutorial, TV project, VSL, video sales letter, voice prompt, web video.

Announcer, buddy, business man, character, dad, doctor, educator, everyman, executive, family man, father, friend, guy next door, hero, husband, instructor, interviewer, IT guy, lawyer, narrator, neighbor, patient, presenter, professional, professor, regular Joe, reporter, salesperson, scientist, soldier, spokesperson, storyteller, straight man, student, superhero, teacher, therapist, tourist, wing man.

Vocal qualities:
Animated, approachable, articulate, authentic, authoritative, believable, bright, brighter, calm, calming, caring, classy, clear, comfortable, comforting, concerned, confident, conversational, cool, corporate, dependable, direct, down to earth, dramatic, dynamic, educated, energetic, engaging, enthusiastic, excited, exciting, experienced, fatherly, friendly, fun, funny, gentle, genuine, happy, high energy, hip, honest, informative, inspiring, inspirational, intelligent, intellectual, inviting, knowledgeable, luxurious, mature, methodical, modern, motivating, natural, open, original, over the top, personable, persuasive, playful, polished, positive, powerful, professional, pure, raspy, real, refined, refreshing, relaxed, reliable, resonant, rich, robotic, sarcastic, serious, sincere, smart, smooth, soft, soothing, sophisticated, straightforward, strong, stylish, technical, thoughtful, trustworthy, understated, upbeat, urgent, versatile, vibrant, warm, welcoming, whimsical.

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