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Pro Tips for Hiring Voice Actors - Do You Need To Hire Through An Agent

Submitted by voplanet on Wed, 09/26/2018 - 09:40

Is it best to hire voice actors through a casting agent? Let’s explore…


A Directed Voice over Session from VOPlanet
Great voice over sessions don’t just happen. Much like a feature film, professional voice overs are crafted. A great script is written, voice actors that are perfect for the role are cast and an… Read More
Smiling man directing a voice over on his phone, pointing at computer screen
Many voice over projects can be recorded by voice talent interpreting copy on their own, but directing a voice over session ensures you get the read you want in just one session. So, what is the best… Read More
Voice over talents bafflled about what to say in their voice over job proposal.
So a great voice over job is posted on VOPlanet.com. You record a killer audition. You upload the voice over file, and now it’s time to fill out the note to the voice buyer. If you draw a blank when… Read More