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Real guy with a edge,Bold ,Unique,Warm, friendly,Gravel,Grit,Sexy

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English (North American)
Accents and Dialects
Southern,Cowboy,Hillbilly,Boston,Urban,Sam Elliott type,Many Many voice character cartoon voices
Voice Age
Young Adult
Middle Aged
I have been a voice professional for over 5 years. You have heard me on radio and television throughout the USA, the U.K., and Europe, on videogames, and podcasts and commercials,narrations and much more.My education as a voice talent never stops. I make it my purpose to hone and improve my skills at every opportunity, so that I can offer my clients the highest possible value for their money
Special Skills
Cartoon / Animation
IVR, Voicemail, Phone Systems or On-Hold Message
Movie and Game Trailer
Training, Business Presentations, Sales and Web Sites
.CUSTOMER SERVICE- Most of my life was in customer service realations and I bring those skill with me to my voiceover work .I pledge to you that when you hire me to voice your project ,I will not rest until you have a voiceover that you are completely happy with . Customer satisfaction is my number one priority at all times. I appreciate good service as a consumer, and as a service provider I will go the extra mile to make sure you get what you pay for and more! AN EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL- Some of my clients include, Triniti Media, LLC ,Colonial Marketing, Tam Communications ,Meister-Home Productions ,Greg Thanos Productions Jet Hawk Stadium Tidal Broadcasting, Clear Channel Comcast, Woolly Bugger Productions, Blast bay Studio, Wayland Productions, Maurice Clayborn Production ,Blaze studio, Blu Fire Studios JasonRyan Creative, Randall Kiser Ltd ,Diamond View studios, Cape Pac (Website hidden) (Website hidden), MovLAB Milkman media ,Booster Juice Zola Juice, Talance I have done many videogames as well as animation,just to name a few. EDGY POWERFUL REAL VERSATILE VOICE- I have a classic powerful male voice I can ably perform a range of tones and inflections: Great movie trailer voice, Cartoons, Documentaries, Audio books, Business Educational, Radio, Telephone, Videogames, Podcasting, Television, Internet. The guy next door, gravely , in your face ,passionate, . I am also able to create characters, Hillbilly, drill sergeant, Villians such as the joker, riddler ,etc, dark , mysterious, batman super hero type, Sam Elliott type , southern ,country, African American , Barry white type. Deep, soothing, and warm for healthcare. Sexy and elegant for high-end products (diamonds, hotels, luxury cars), inviting Precise diction and professional manner, as a lawyer, doctor or CEO., I have a mature, deep baritone voice that pleasantly resonates in both higher and lower registers, making it a natural sound that listeners quickly trust. My voice is strong but versatile, allowing me to bellow strong announcements, or softly narrate, but still maintaining a strong presence of authority and command of the dialogue, which keeps listeners feeling comfortable. I work well with directors, and get the message right away – giving you many different takes, in a short space of time. Everything from the shortest commercial exclamation, to phone messages, to narration, to audio books – I’ll voice anything it’s that much fun for me. When you want your project done right, done fast, and done with a smile, I'm your guy. Voiceover is my life, and my livelihood. When you choose me as your voice, you can rest assured that you have hired a professional talent, with professional equipment, and a total customer service experience. I encourage you to listen to my demos.

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