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English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult
Special Skills
Other (On-Camera, Informercials, Live Announcers, Spokespersons)
Shanna's voiceover career started four years ago working at an ophthalmologist's office recording IVRs before she even knew such an adhoc task was voiceover. Through peer encouragement, she started taking online coaching sessions, honing her craft in commercial, documentary and explainer videos.

Though her passion for voiceover incubated at a doctor's office, her exposure to performing arts started at a young age. Shanna was a competitive dancer from middle school up till college, as well as an alto choir member for 10 years. Her love of storytelling through song and through script kept her aspiring to explore and work in VO industry. You can count on her to deliver a warm, sincere read that’s fresh and relatable for all audiences.

Shanna is currently based in Washington D.C., and runs a monthly meetup DC Voiceovers group to build a camaraderie amongst voice artists in DMV.

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