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Commercial - Announcer Every-man Guy Next Door Spokesperson
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Bio and Credits

English (North American)
English (British and European)
English (Transatlantic)
English (United Kingdom)
English (Other)
Accents and Dialects
Dixie Southern, Alabama, Texas
Voice Age
Young Adult
Middle Aged
1-2 Years working as a voice-over talent.

1 year training and performing at Dad's Garage and Village Theater for Improv.

6 Years as an entrepreneur in the Hospitality HVAC business.

BA in Information Technology with an emphasis in Media.
Special Skills
Cartoon / Animation
IVR, Voicemail, Phone Systems or On-Hold Message
Movie and Game Trailer
Training, Business Presentations, Sales and Web Sites
TV Show or Movie
Thank you for visiting to find out more about me - how awesome of you! I am more than just a professional male voice over actor - I’m a full-fledged real human! They even gave me an social security number to prove it.

I was born in Texas, but moved around often being a military brat, spending time in California, Massachusetts and Hawaii before settling down OTP(outside the perimeter) of Atlanta, Georgia. Living in so many places has required me to be versatile and sensitive to the different lives and experiences that people live everyday and I infuse that into everything I do (and say!).

Someone said “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t yet met.” Whether I meet that friend standing in the coffee queue, over a pitcher of Sweetwater or on a mountain bike trail in the North Georgia mountains, those connections are what life is all about and I love making and nurturing them. I bring that same energy and state-of-mind to my relationships with clients.

I went to college originally for art, then theatre, then I convinced myself I could never make a living doing something fun so after much hemming and hawing painfully finished a degree in Information Technology. During this time I became a part-owner of an Hospitality HVAC business and successfully helped build it from a 100k/year Georgia-based company to a nationwide multi-seven figure organization.

After seven years of traveling constantly for the business and feeling burnt-out and exhausted a friend sent me a Facebook message asking if I’d like to go to a Voiceover Class being held at Atlanta Metropolitan college. I thought “Why not?” The class helped to reignite the creative center that I was desperately in need of I discovered my passion for voice-over.

So I doubled down. I sold my interest in the HVAC company, took Improv classes, got a Voice-Over coach, built a studio and began absorbing everything I could about VO and acting in general… the rest is history!

When I’m not behind the mic, I sharpen my skills now by performing Improv, taking classes, and regularly reading books, news stories, and Reddit posts to my lovely wife and two rescue-cats (Mochi and Mango). They’re a tough crowd but I get laughs (meows) sometimes.

I am an avid cyclist, weight-lifter, and health-conscious eater who is still battling the deep down high-school fat-kid. I drink more coffee than is probably legal, and I also shoot/produce video content for friends/family and Ape Conservation Effort when I can.

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