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English (North American)
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Young Adult
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John is currently the male voice talent for Samsung Care, where he has written and voiced 60+ how-to videos, internal presentations, training tutorials, and explainer videos. Check out for video work samples and demo Playlists.

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Special Skills
Training, Business Presentations, Sales and Web Sites
John Guccion is the corporate voice who's born and bred in the business world. His voice can best be described as conversational, corporate, articulate, upbeat, friendly, and genuine - a natural fit for topics that require a relatable tone and delivery to capture and keep an audience's attention.

More than a voice talent, John has 20+ years of experience in Corporate America, working across financial services, consumer electronics, legal, higher education, and broadcast media industries in a variety of roles including sales, customer service, operations, video production, and corporate communications.

He also has extensive experience in training and education. Specifically, he has co-created and refined a corporate training program for the largest bank in the US, has conducted classroom training, and has designed written exercises for large class sizes.

Because of this background, John understands the value that voice over brings to employee and customer engagement - and how to best partner with businesses facing mounting deadlines, compliance requirements, ever-changing products, and other demands.

John also has an extensive background in corporate communications and can assist with a variety of copywriting deliverables including A/V scripts, articles and blogs, newsletters, procedure documentation, and more.

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