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A pro teen voice over talent who loves voicing animation, commercials, apps, television, narration and lots more. Let's connect.

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Jessica Ristau


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Jessica Ristau Character Demo Teen Girl Roles
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Jessica Ristau Animation Demo
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Jessica Ristau VIdeo Game Demo
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Bio and Credits

English (North American)
English (Other)
Accents and Dialects
Voice Age
Young Adult
8 years voicing projects around the world.

Some of my favorites:
Toys R Us
Holy Guacamole
Girl Scouts of America
Baby Pirates
VR High Five
Big Fish Games
The Ugly Duckling
House Trap
Libii Games
Township Game
Hunter Soul Video Game
Special Skills
Cartoon / Animation
Movie and Game Trailer
Other (On-Camera, Informercials, Live Announcers, Spokespersons)
TV Show or Movie
My career started as an actor. As a baby who spoke the day I was born, I have always expressed myself. At age 2 I asked to be on television, I wanted to be like the kids I saw on television shows and commercials. Once I was in upper elementary school, I found out that being on set for acting meant I had to lie about where I was. The school would mark my set time as unexcused absences. I then started in voice over. I booked my first project a few weeks later for Habitat for Humanity. Since then I've grown leaps and bounds, coached with the best and have an amazing studio set up.
I just recorded a new commercial demo with J. Michael Collins, he's the commercial coach of all time.
I've got a great schedule to record and always welcome directed sessions so you get the sound you need.

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