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Dedicated to bringing energy, wit, eccentricity

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Jeremy Rosenfeld


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Stressed Surfer Teen Character
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Bio and Credits

English (North American)
Accents and Dialects
New Zealand, New York
Voice Age
Young Adult
Middle Aged
Animation Coaching: Debi Derryberry, Richard Horvitz
Video Game Coaching: Jeremy Hall, David Rosenthal
Voiceover Coaching: Robin Armstrong, David Rosenthal, Martha Kahn
Workshops: Dave Walsh TrueTell Commercial Bootcamp, Animation with Sara Sherman, Animation with Aaron Drown
Acting: Classes at University of California, San Diego
Special Skills
Cartoon / Animation
LA based voice actor, Jeremy Rosenfeld, delivers a wide ranging, current sound with high-energy, physicality, wit, intelligence and eccentricity for commercials, animation, and video games.

His voice and personality is described as: accountable, animated, approachable, awesome, awkward, bold, brave, calm, casual, charming, cheerful, chic, chill, classy, cocky, collected, comforting, committed, composed, confident, conscientious, conversational, convincing, cool, creative, deep, determined, devoted, diverse, driven, easygoing, eccentric, empathetic, endearing, energetic, engaging, fearless, friendly, fun, funny, geeky, generous, genuine, goofy, gritty, hard-working, hip, honest, humble, hungry, hyper, hysterical, independent, innovative, intellectual, involved, kind, knowledgeable, laid back, loyal, mature, methodical, mindful, motivated, nerdy, nice, obsessive, open-minded, optimistic, organized, patient, perceptive, polite, positive, powerful, prepared, principled, proactive, productive, progressive, proud, punctual, quirky, real, regal, relatable, resourceful, responsible, royal, savvy, sensitive, shy, sincere, smart, smooth, strategic, strong, sweet, tenacious, thoughtful, transparent, trustworthy, unassuming, understanding, unstoppable, varied, wacky, weird, witty, young, youthful

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