Ivan Shulman

A deep baritone voice that draws you in to hear the complete message.

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Ivan Shulman


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English (North American)
Voice Age
Middle Aged
I have been doing voice over my entire adult life. It started with taped answering machine messages and has morphed along with our world today, into VOIP, explainer video's, corporate presentations, etc.

I still have fun while doing it, I won't audition for a job that I can't complete with the enthusiasm and energy that the client needs.
Special Skills
IVR, Voicemail, Phone Systems or On-Hold Message
Movie and Game Trailer
My career started out on the radio in the late 80's. Moving into sales due to wife and kids, I am now at a point where my part time passion, becomes a full time endeavor.

People stop and listen when I speak. I have not yet found a crying child, that would not stop and stare as I told them a story. Children see that although I sound 'scary' to them, there is a heart and feeling that comes through in the words.

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