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English (North American)
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British, Australian & Various
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Young Adult
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With more than 10 years in voice recording experience and my own pro studio, you can be guaranteed top-notch quality and the experiential insight of many successful projects, to help stage yours in the best way possible.
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Cartoon / Animation
IVR, Voicemail, Phone Systems or On-Hold Message
Movie and Game Trailer
Training, Business Presentations, Sales and Web Sites
TV Show or Movie
As a kid, did you ever try to imitate the deep, authoritative “Luke, I am your father…” (I mean, who hasn’t?) but for me, it just never sounded the same.

I would listen to the actors on animated films and try to visualize the face behind the voice or get drawn into a friendly commercial where the narrator seemed to be talking just to me.

It was so powerful and I wanted to learn how to do that someday.


I also was a chatterbox… So my grandpa always used to tell me, “you have 2 ears and 1 mouth, so you can learn twice as much from listening” and that is something I’ve tried to keep with me throughout my life.

I guess since my industry requires a whole lot more talking than the average guy-next-door, that means I have all the more reason to listen. 😉


Sometimes it seems many find it a difficult task, putting into words the emotions and image they want expressed for their project.

We all have varying life experiences and respond differently.

However, if you can find someone that will listen… and empathize with the project’s core values, it will relieve that frustration and ensure a smooth and expedited project.

It can also be a lot of fun!

So, whether your needing a voice talent to work with you on a personal project or looking for a voice artist to help bring your client’s projects to life.

Having a reliable partner on your team makes life so much easier.

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