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English (North American)
Accents and Dialects
Southern, Hispanic, Jamaican
Voice Age
Middle Aged
Dave's decades of experience and innate ability to subtly shift the rich tone of his voice makes him sound believable and genuine no matter the style. Whether it's a "Cool Dad" commercial, a sincere hospital spot, a "corporate casual" sound for presentations, a laid back John Krasinski type, or a Sam Elliot-esque bit of grit, he's your voice. He perfectly captures the "guy next door" sound...if the guy you live next dorr to happens to have an amazing voice. He has an array of animated characters and was once listed as one of iMDb's to Video Game Voice Actors of all time, has drawn comparisons to Liam Neeson, and he even does a Morgan Freeman impersonation that got him hired by The Ellen Show.
Special Skills
Cartoon / Animation
IVR, Voicemail, Phone Systems or On-Hold Message
Movie and Game Trailer
Training, Business Presentations, Sales and Web Sites
TV Show or Movie
Dave's early 80's realization that he just wasn't cut out to be a professional break-dancer led him to a love for being a scratch/mix DJ and spinning records instead of spinning on his head. He soon grew roots in radio and discovered a natural talent in the production room which garnered him lots of attention as the commercials he wrote, voiced, and produced were being requested by listeners more than the music the station played!

From those days of splicing reel to reel tape to now editing with the click of a mouse, Dave has translated his talents into a successful, full-time, international career as a voice actor and producer.

Dave's studio is on the beautiful Southern Oregon coast where he resides with his lovely wife, Kristen, and their family. They're actively involved in their church, and while they enjoy all the adventures that Oregon affords; hiking, fishing, and just playing at the beach... what Dave enjoys most, as of late, is HUNTING... for TOYS.

While he wouldn't call himself a "hoarder", Dave has been known to amass a few favorite collectibles, including: Disney Pixar diecast Cars, Ray Harryhausen monster figures, superheros, and anything to do with Star Wars.

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