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VOICEOVERVIEW is a business tracking and management tool built specifically by voice actors for voice actors.

Features Included: 

  • Data Dashboard - easy to understand charts and tables that offer insight into your unique voiceover business....
  • Simple, Elegant CRM  includes Custom Contact and Job Reminders to help you stay top of mind with prospects and clients that you haven't booked with in a while;
  • Audition Tracking- setting audition goals, audition to booking ratio (how many auditions to book a job), detailed proposal and audition tracking;
  • Job Management- track jobs through the production cycle from booked to delivered, invoiced to paid;
  • Custom Tags- create your own searchable tags for contacts and jobs;
  • Expense Tracking... And, much more as we continue to develop and introduce new features.


Do You Coach? Produce? Do On-Camera?

In addition to the "usual" job type categories for voice actors, we also have categories for Coaching, Production, and On-Camera. So, if you find yourself straddling the working actor/coach or production line, VOV can help you keep track of all various elements of your business.

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