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VOICEOVERVIEW is a business tracking and management system built BY voice actors FOR voice actors.

VOICEOVERVIEW’s simple to use web-based format helps voice actors manage and grow their business. Designed to be integrated into your everyday work flow, VOICEOVERVIEW requires very little “care and feeding.” No more spreadsheets or sticky notes. No more "catching up" at the end of the day or week... just track auditions, manage jobs and invoice directly from VOICEOVERVIEW via Waveapps (and soon, Freshbooks and Quickbooks) as you go throughout your day.

 VOICEOVERVIEW’S visually appealing, customizable dashboard provides easy-to-understand metrics that help voice actors set goals and grow their business. Monthly revenue trend, job pipeline, audition tracking, expense tracking and a simple CRM that helps you keep in touch with your clients and prospects.

Do You Coach? Produce? Do On-Camera?
In addition to the "usual" job type categories for voice actors, we also have categories for Coaching, Production, and On-Camera. So, if you find yourself straddling working actor/coach or production life, VOV can help you keep track of all various elements of your business.

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