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Elder millenial bridging the gap between generations.

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Brandon Miller


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Like a friend you haven't met yet.
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Engaging and Confident Storytelling
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English (North American)
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Young Adult
Middle Aged
From stage acting to on-camera I've built my skills in bringing a script to life that is believable and inline with the director/producer's vision. In addition to stage and film I've worked with some of the top voice acting coaches in the US to hone my craft.
Special Skills
Training, Business Presentations, Sales and Web Sites
TV Show or Movie
Brandon here looking to be a resource to you with my engaging storytelling abilities coupled with a stage, film and voice acting background. This lends me to having an authentic confident delivery to your scripted story.

From a friend you haven't met yet to your authoritative boss to an engaging story teller that can make soldering sound interesting, I am passionate about making your story come to life.

As an elder millennial I know what it means to want something now. My turnaround times are just that, I can deliver quality audio within 24-48hrs and am able to produce pick-ups in a timely manner. That being said, I am quick to reply to email, phone, messaging, text or old fashioned quill to pen.

We're industry professionals but that doesn't mean we aren't human too. I like to get to know all of my clients and develop long term relationships.

I'm transparent when it comes to my rates. No hidden fees and no nonsense.

Thanks for reading and if you're looking for a voice that carries that friendly, genuine, confident and engaging style I'd love to work with you.


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