Brandon Duque

I'm a seasoned Voice Actor for over seven years now, with a firm grasp on taking client direction extremely well and applying that to my honed in technique in many area of voice over that include: commercial, narration, radio, internet, and much more.

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Brandon Duque


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2022 Commercial Demo
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Dell Commercial
Dell - Full Autonomy
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English (North American)
Accents and Dialects
Urban, African American, New York, General American (Neutral)
Voice Age
Young Adult
Middle Aged
I have seven years as a Voice Actor across most of the voice mediums you can think of. I've done everything from National Commercials to Local Commercials, and have done quite a bit of work in the EU market as well. My voice is mostly described as smooth, deep, friendly, and upbeat, but I can adapt to almost any script and project.
I am a native New Yorker and I’m really influenced by living in NYC and constantly being around new, exciting ideas. Despite being a city-dweller, I love, love, love the outdoors, and make frequent trips to the Catskills, NY and Adirondacks, NY in the summers and winters. In the summer you can find me in the woods; riding my bike in NYC; or getting away with friends for a nice weekend trip. In the winter you can find me snowboarding, and more recently skiing as of winter 2018 (yikes, I’m moving to the dark-side).

So many things influence me as it pertains to my lifestyle, but also, everyday things like taking the NYC subway and being exposed to so many talented musicians, or trying new phone apps or even drinking a new beverage for the first time! Being in NYC everyday and just taking in everything and everyone really 'AMPS' me up and gives me the urge to create. I’m here… living and creating, as your local New Yorker.

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