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 Thom Wilkins  
 A well traveled storyteller... let me tell your st


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Voice Description:

Contemporary, Warm, Natural, Storyteller. Smooth, Sincere, Professional, Friendly, Authoritative, Honest, Passionate, Trustworthy, Sexy. Thom has a rich, avuncular voice, deep honey-coated voice, the American spirit in voice, smooth and friendly, to smoky

Over 20 years in broadcasting, licensed broadcast engineer.
Partial Clients: AirTemp Inc., Alienware Computers, Chickasaw Enterprises, Broadwave Communications, Carrier Corporation, Centers for Disease Control (CDC,) Chrokee Nation, Dain Rauscher, DHL, Ericsson, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA,) FMC Corporation, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Glenbow Museum, Hewlett-Packard, Husqvarna Group, Mindflood, MKDA, NBTY, Napa Auto Parts, National Park Service (NPS)U.S. Dept of the Interior, Philadelphia Zoo, Smithsonian Institution, Titans NFL, Travelers Insurance, Tru-Fitness, Tribe Pictures, Viejas Casino...

Experience behind the mic in Commercial Radio/TV, Narration, Technical Training, Corporate Imaging, Spokesperson, Broadcasting training, distant learning and corporate education.

Native Language:
English - North American

English (North American)

Voice Age:
Middle Age

On the job in broadcasting, licensed broadcast engineer (First Class Radiotelephone Certificate) Bert Decker - Decker Communications, San Francisco (training and presentation skills, one-on-one coaching) Steve Hudson, Voice Master, London - PSR Method

Non-Union or Financial Core

Phone Patch
Studio Equipment:
Top Notch Private Professional ISDN Studio:

Microphones: Neumann U87 Ai Klaus Heyne Mod., Telefunken U-47 , Manley Reference Cardiod, Audio Technica 4060 w 1961 NOS Amperex D-Getter Tube, Sennheiser MKH 416 & MKH-60 shotguns

Outboard and SW: D W Fearn VT-1 Preamp and D W Fearn VT-4 Equalizer, Teletronix- LA-2A, Avalon 737SP, Great River MEQ-1NV Preamp/EQ Symetrix 528E, FocusRight VoiceMaster Pro. , Apogee Rosetta 200, ProTools 7, Samplitude Pro, Universal Audio UAD-1 DSP processor and Plug-ins, Adobe Audition, Sony Vegas , Mackie LM3402, Mackie HR824 Studio Monitors.

Over 45,000 Sound Effects, Royalty Free Music Library - over 6400 music tracks, Royalty Free,

Iso Booth with LENRED Bass Traps and full acoustic treatment

Source Live and Source Connect 3.0 available with ProTools sessions.

Additional Skills:
Audio and Video Editing, Post Production, Audio Sweetening Audio Engineering, Broadcast Engineering, Member SaVoa #07004 SaVoa Board Member (www.SaVoa.org) Excellent dialogue work and two voice commercial team vo work - Thom & Maggie

24 hours

Atlanta, GA USA


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